For the Queen and King in you

We have created ILAMAI, a luxurious yet valuable skincare brand for all generations specially for Gen Z & Millennials, who find it challenging to maintain a regular skincare routine. 

After hearing a lot about the new age skincare difficulties and having personally experienced many of them, we have undergone extensive research and found that the lifestyle and the environment we live in are the leading causes of skin problems. So, we travelled all across the world to study nourishing ingredients and conventional skin care techniques including Ayurveda, Korean skincare, and western skincare. Through our research, we have found a unique blend of ingredients and methods backed with science that treats your skincare problems effectively.

Prevention is Better than Cure

ILAMAI is a new-age brand designed for modern consumers and the evolving environment. We adopt innovative, proven ingredients and efficient procedures from diverse skincare routines used throughout the world with the philosophy of a preventive and comprehensive approach to skincare. We offer the very best of both the traditional and the contemporary worlds.

ILAMAI’s products are designed to boost the natural nutrients in the skin barrier, making it strong and healthy to fend off external influences that can harm the skin. Our products are reliable, strong, 100% naturally derived, and supported by science. We bring safe, toxin-free, and certified products with supreme quality, so you can feel confident, knowing that what you’re using on your skin is safe.

ILAMAI's Eternal Nectar

Professional Multivitamin First Treatment Essence

India’s First Ginseng based Multivitamin Essence

After one and a half years of research,
ILAMAI’s Professional Multivitamin First Treatment Essence, is developed with a stable formulation of 12 active ingredients. It's a one stop solution, that Protects, Brightens, Hydrates, Repairs and Regenerates your skin. To achieve healthy and resilient skin, Its time to switch to ILAMAI

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Best Ingredients from the places around the world

Our product's potency begins with the ingredients that go into making them. So, we choose high quality nourishing ingredients that are ethically sourced around the world with utmost care. We commit to 100% natural derived, GMO-free, Sulphate-free, and Paraben-free ingredients. We also strictly follow a no animal testing policy (Cruelty-free)!


Our product formulations are developed by our expert specialists with years of experience. Our formulations are stable, effective, and packed with active and natural ingredients. Our certified factories make the products in optimum batches to ensure the best quality possible. Product filling, labelling, and packaging are done with automated machines with very low human intervention.